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New innovative approach to orthotic manufacturing leads the way

With the Australian government’s increased focus on innovation and technology, local orthotics manufacturing company iOrthotics is leading the way for the industry, with its new 3D printed orthotic devices. The Turnbull-government has thrown its support behind initiatives like iOrthotics’ 3D printing manufacturing techniques, announcing its $1.1 billion innovation statement late last year to “incentivise, energise, […]

3D printed EnviroPoly orthotics: Changing the industry for the better.

In the orthotic manufacturing industry, both in Australia and around the globe, a large amount of waste is produced on a daily basis to make orthotics. That’s why iOrthotics has invested heavily into research and development (R&D) to reduce our impact on the environment. The solution for iOrthotics was to replace traditional CNC (milling) manufacturing […]

How to Capture the Perfect 3D Foot Scan

One of the most common questions our lab receives is, “What is the best way to take a scan of a patient’s feet”? There is no one answer and each practitioner and patient is different. The type of scan depends on the type of orthotic you are wanting to create and what result the orthotic […]

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